What Can Happen If I Don’t Hire a Water Removal Service After a Flood?

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External flooding is an ever-present danger for millions of homes in the United States. According to ABC News, flooding could affect 14.6 million U.S. homes. Those homes and all others also are prone to internal flooding that a burst water pipe, a defective water heater, or maybe a drainage backup might cause. Whether the water source is internal or external, here are some issues that could arise if you don’t hire a water removal service after a flood.

Onset of Mold and Mildew

If you don’t act quickly to remove water from your home, that water will penetrate areas where it will cause mold and mildew to grow. Dark areas inside the walls and in basements are especially prone to water damage and the onset of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew might even form inside the ventilation system and cause respiratory problems for anyone inside your home. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional water removal service to prevent this issue from escalating.

Damage to Your Home’s Structure

The longer that water can saturate your flooring, walls, and other structural elements inside your home, the more damage it can do. Wood could swell and start to rot due to the excess moisture. Drywall could deteriorate and fall apart. Water stains could form on wood, walls, and flooring. Your floor coverings also could become useless if you don’t have a water removal service to take care of the problem right away.

Furnishings Could Become Useless

Any furnishings that stay even partly immersed in water for an extended period could be rendered useless by the floodwater. Furniture, wall coverings, and other items can deteriorate quickly and become impossible to use due to extreme moisture.

Home Insurer Might Deny Related Claims

You might want to file an insurance claim for flood damage to your home. The sooner you initiate water mitigation and removal, the more likely your insurance claim will be accepted and paid up to policy limits. Any delays in hiring a water removal service might indicate negligence on your part. If the insurer says you waited too long to take care of the problem, your claims might be denied.

A severe weather disaster doesn’t have to leave your home in a state of complete disrepair. Please call ServiceMaster to learn more about our water removal service and how we can get your home back together.

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A Brief History of Water and Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage

The world of fire and water damage restoration has seen many changes and evolutions over the years. According to RubyHome, 99% of counties in the U.S. were affected by flooding between 1996 and 2019. Flooding and fires cause extensive damage to homes, and it’s the fire and water damage professionals in our communities that help families rebuild their homes and lives. Let’s look at a brief history of this industry.

The Beginning of a Modern Industry

The fire and water damage restoration industry as we know it today can be traced back to 1971 when Marty King founded the National Institute of Fire Restoration. This organization provided restorer certification. This can be compared to having a Ph.D. in restoration. This organization was developed to set a standard for restoration that homeowners could depend on. This helped to avoid home demos that were unnecessary. Often homes would be demolished simply because there were not local professionals who were trained to perform restoration on the property.

National Institute of Disaster Restoration

In the 90s, the name of this organization was changed to the National Institute of Disaster Restoration. This was when a water restoration division was added. The natural consequence of fighting a fire within a home is that there will be water damage within the home as well from fire hoses. This organization could now provide comprehensive training and certification for both fire damage and water damage.

To further improve the quality of fire and water damage restoration in the U.S. the organization published Guidelines for Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration. This document has been the industry standard for two decades.

Advanced Certifications

Since the beginning of the Certified Restorer Program, certifications have continued to grow and evolve. Today, there are many different types of certifications and specializations available. Those who receive certification must go through training and prove their experience in this field. Not only are the scientific depths of restoration explored in these certifications, but there is also much time devoted to the proper execution of running a restoration business.

The fire and water restoration industry has a proud history of education and innovation in this specialty service. If you’re in need of fire or water restoration, please give ServiceMaster a call today.

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4 Reasons You May Need Residential Carpet Cleaning

Does your home have a carpet? If so, you understand how much upkeep the carpet requires to keep it looking and smelling good. Unfortunately, your carpet can have many issues and be susceptible to damage. However, enlisting a water removal service that offers professional carpet cleaning can help your residential carpet look new again. Here are four reasons you may need such a service.

1. Pets

There’s nothing like having a cute furry pet that’s a part of the family. While you love your dog or cat, you may not love the hair and smells they leave all over your carpet. They not only leave behind their hair, but sometimes may even have accidents on the floor. Between a buildup of dirt your puppy may track in from outside, fleas, hair, and bathroom concerns, your carpet may no longer look or smell that good.

2. Water Damage

Has your home had issues with humidity? Has there ever been a flood or any other event that may have caused moisture to seep into your carpet? If so, a water removal service can help dry out your carpet and other areas of the home affected by such an event. The last thing you want is to have water linger in any part of your home, especially on a carpet that can track not only dirt and mildew but mold, which can be a detriment to your family’s health.

3. Stain Removal

Regardless of how careful you are, stains will likely build up on your carpet over time. If you’ve ever spilled a cup of coffee or wine, or have messy pets or children, spot cleaning may not have been able to remove the resulting spot. Stains can look very unsightly and embarrassing, but a professional cleaning service can help remove them.

4. Color Restoration

Do you remember when you first installed your carpet or how it may have looked when you bought your home? Unfortunately, the color may have faded over time, especially if it’s near a window where UV rays can easily shine through. Plus, a buildup of dirt can easily cover the natural color of your carpet. According to our team, homeowners should have their carpet cleaned once every six to 12 months to prevent discoloration and improve its lifespan.

When it’s time to clean your carpet, a vacuum isn’t enough. After built-up stains, dander, moisture, hair, and mold, you should call the professionals for assistance. If you need a local team to help keep your carpet clean, call us at ServiceMaster for our water removal services and professional carpet cleaning.

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How Is Water Damage Mold Clean Up Done?

water damage mold clean up

After a serious flood (no matter the type), it’s important to get high-quality water damage mold clean up to ensure that your home is strong and secure. After all, this problem is one that affects many people every year. According to Ruby Home Real Estate, about 14,000 people in the United States experience water damage every day. Here’s the step-by-step process of mold remediation.

1. Complete Mold Inspection

When you experience a serious flood, our team will sit down with you and go over your home to ensure that we catch every mold-affected area. These include problems with pooled water and anywhere it might have sat for too long. This includes very specialized inspection tools that work to catch every potential threat of mold that might exist in your home.

2. Mold Surface Removal

After going through a complete mold inspection, a careful surface cleanup can help remove any surface growths and ensure that mold is properly managed. This process is done comprehensively by skilled experts who understand the various ways that this cleanup can be done. Even better, they can do deeper inspections for more problematic mold issues.

3. Carefully Cut Away Deeper Growths

If we spot deeper growths in your home, then we can provide more comprehensive mold remediation that digs deep into your house’s many appliances and furniture items to ensure they get the attention they need. Letting mold grow too rapidly and unchecked throughout your home is more likely to cause long-term problems and trigger serious mold-related issues.

4. Replace Damaged Items

Once we’ve carefully removed deeper mold growths from your home’s items, we can also identify any structural damage that might have occurred. For instance, there are many areas throughout the home’s foundation and other areas that might need to be completely replaced after a flood. This process is one that will ensure that your house is safe for years to come.

The best water damage mold clean up can keep your house strong and secure and minimize long-term problems with its structural integrity. Just as importantly, it can minimize stylistic issues and keep your home modern and attractive. Contact us today if you’re interested in this process and our team will do what they can to ensure that you’re happy. It’s our goal to make sure that every flooded area in our region is free of mold and other related issues.

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Why Is It Important to Hire a Water Removal Service Immediately After a Flood?

Whether the source is internal or external, a flooded home is an endangered one. If flooding affects your home, it’s important to start the cleanup process as soon as possible. According to RubyHome, water damage affects almost 14,000 people every day. If you are among those who suddenly are affected by flooding, here’s why it’s important to hire a water removal service immediately after a flood.

Minimize Structural Damage

The sooner that you can hire a water removal service, the better your chances of saving the home and minimizing damage. When water has time to penetrate wood, drywall, and insulation, it can cause structural damage. The damage might include water stains, rot, or warping. The floor covering and insulation might become saturated. You also might see unsightly water stains inside your home.

Protect Your Belongings

Water intrusion also can damage your belongings, including furniture, ornamental rugs, and electronics. The sooner you remove the water, the less damage it can do to the many belongings that you have inside your home. Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, you might find it to be very costly to replace any furniture or belongings that the water damages or destroys. The cost for immediate water cleanup is much less than it would be if you were to delay and suffer even more extensive water damage to your belongings.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

The growth of mold and mildew is one of the potentially most dangerous developments caused by water intrusion. It doesn’t take long for mold or mildew to develop when water saturates walls and crawlspaces. The dark spaces inside the walls, closets, and crawl spaces are especially prone to mold and mildew growth when water saturates them. You can stop the growth of hazardous substances when you remove the water as soon as possible.

Lower Your Recovery Costs

The cost to repair your home and replace any damaged belongings always is lower the faster you remove the water from your home. Depending on the nature of the water intrusion, your homeowner’s insurance policy might pay the cost of water mitigation. If so, there is no reason to delay the service any longer than necessary. The sooner you get it done, the more money you save on the recovery costs from any water damage.

You can call or visit us at ServiceMaster to learn more and get emergency water removal services for your home or another property. Don’t wait for water damage to get worse, let us handle the cleanup right away.

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Everything You Need to Know About Residential Smoke Damage Restoration

According to The Zebra, there are about 358,000 residential fires each year. When these occur, residential smoke damage restoration is an essential follow-up service. Most people believe that smoke damage is purely cosmetic. However, even a small fire can result in significant smoke damage, including harmful particles and toxins that are health risks.

Here is what you need to know about smoke damage restoration.

Air Quality Affects

Smoke damage restoration not only cleans up the visible damage but also helps improve the air quality in your home after a fire. Harmful gases and toxins can linger long after the fire has been extinguished. An important part of the restoration after a fire is air quality testing.

Remediating air quality issues ensures your home is safe after a fire. Smoke damage restoration experts test the air quality and take remediation steps that return the air quality to a safe level. You can breathe easier knowing your home’s air quality is safe.

Cleaning Surfaces

Smoke and soot from a fire can stick to appliances, cabinetry, walls, floors, ceilings, and personal goods. Proper cleaning processes can restore all surfaces using the right equipment and solvents. During restoration, special care is taken to remove every sign of smoke damage left behind.

However, it is not just surface cleaning that is done. The home’s structural integrity is inspected, and structural repairs are made if necessary. Soot and smoke can get deep into your property, so a simple wipe-down won’t do the trick.

Turn-Key Approach

When you work with a professional restoration service to manage your smoke damage clean-up, they handle everything. They will work with your insurance company to file the necessary paperwork and ensure that the job is done right. Clean-up should be left to the professionals, so attempting the clean-up and restoration tasks yourself can further damage your home.

A home fire can be devastating. Therefore, it is essential that you have the support of an experienced team to restore your home. Get the professional help you need to ensure that your home is safe to occupy and that all evidence of the fire is removed. Call our team here at ServiceMaster today to learn more about the smoke damage restoration process.

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3 Signs You Need Water Damage Mold Clean Up Services

water damage mold clean up services

If you’ve had water damage in your home, then you can’t afford to wait on water damage mold clean up services. Even a small flooding event can cause the growth of mold in 24-48 hours. Let’s look at a few signs that you may need this type of service now.

1. You’ve Had a Flood

If you’ve had a flood in your home after a big storm, then you need to call water damage mold clean up services. According to the home experts at RubyHome, it’s estimated that 99% of counties in the U.S. were affected by some form of flooding between 1996 and 2019. Flooding is more common than you think. Naturally occurring flooding isn’t the only event that can cause mold and water damage.

Even if you have a small flooding event inside your own home, you need professional clean up services. Small flooding events can be related to plumbing, appliances, or from other causes. A flooding event is any time water is standing on your floors, so it’s important to keep an eye out for unknown water in your home.

2. You See Water Damage or Leaks

Sometimes you may not even have a flooding event yet, but you may still need the help of professionals. If you’ve had a leak in your home, then it could easily contribute to damage and the growth of mold. Sometimes a leak isn’t obvious for a while. The water could have been collecting for quite some time before you realized it. If you can visibly see damage, even if you aren’t sure where the water would have come from, then you should call our professional to keep your home and family safe.

3. You See Standing Water

Water damage professionals have the skills and equipment needed to effectively remove standing water and remove moisture from carpets or furniture upholstery. It’s important to give them a call as soon as you notice it because it can make a big difference. The quicker you have the moisture removed, the less chance you have for water damage and mold growth.

They will also be able to apply anti-microbial products to your surfaces to cut down on the chances of mold and other bacteria from growing. This can help keep your home clean and healthy.

If you are in need of water damage services, then please contact us today. We want to ensure you’re home and family are safe from mold growth. With years of experience, you will feel peace of mind when you hire our team.

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How to Choose the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

emergency flood

Did you know that an estimated 14.6 million homes in the United States are at risk of flooding, according to iProperty Management? Emergency flood services need to be completed by professional companies with the proper training. If your home’s been flooded, then you’ll need to choose the right water damage restoration company. Here are a few tips on how to choose the company that’s right for the job.

Consult Your Insurance Company

Water damage remediation and other emergency flood services are often covered by your homeowner’s policy. If this is the case, then your insurance provider will often have a list of preferred professionals to hire. Some companies might even require that you choose a company from their list. Whenever you have work done on your home that’s covered by your policy, be sure to ask if there are any limitations to the companies you can hire.

Seek Recommendations From Your Friends and Neighbors

People in your social circle are a great resource when it comes to finding the best contractors in the area. They’ll be able to direct you to the best companies and, in many cases, also be able to tell you which service providers you should avoid. When you’re considering several different companies, be sure to ask for references. Doing so can be a helpful tool for determining which company will best meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions when you’re interviewing potential water damage restorers.

Check Reliable Sources

Online reviews can vary in their level of helpfulness. However, the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection advocates can be very helpful. Check out the local providers in your area to get a better idea of the available options. This is an effective way to screen out undesirable companies and focus on interviewing those that are reliable. You’ll also want to ensure that any company you work with has all the necessary certifications and insurance policies in place. Taking the time to find the right company will pay dividends.

We provide emergency flood services that help to restore your home after a flood. Water damage can lead to other issues, such as mold, and needs to be remediated by a professional. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to keep your family and belongings safe.

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Tips for Preventing Floods in Your Home

emergency flood services

A flood can have a devastating impact on your home. Floods can happen due to heavy rain storms, hurricanes, or accidents inside the house. A bad flood can ruin your foundation and make a home unlivable. According to Ruby Home Real Estate, about 14,000 people in the U.S. are affected by water damage daily. Read on for tips on how to prevent a call for emergency flood services.

Watch Forecasts

Pay attention to weather forecasts. If there is a serious likelihood of a heavy storm, especially a hurricane, take the time to prepare your home for the possibility of a flood. Quickly seal off any entryways, such as doors or windows. If you have a basement, inspect it for any vulnerable areas and make sure they are sealed.

Lift Your Home

If you live in an area with constant flooding or a high water table, you may want to consider lifting your home. When contractors lift your home, they raise it from its current foundation and make the existing one higher and stronger. Having your home on a higher foundation decreases the likelihood that the main house will flood. They can also make the new foundation as impenetrable as possible to avoid the need for emergency flood services.

Check Pipes

Sure, you stay on top of any plumbing inspections, but what happens if a pipe bursts? Have your local plumber check it out immediately. Even the smallest of leaks can eventually turn into a massive flood. Be aware of the weather as pipes can easily burst when they freeze over.

Seal Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows are easy targets for water rushing in from inclement weather. If a storm is approaching, you can immediately weatherstrip the edges. However, you should upgrade these entry points with storm doors and windows. Installing a steel or iron door may be expensive, but it can provide protection from intruders and weather. Double-pane windows are stronger than single-pane ones, so call your local window installers for an upgrade.

There are ways you can protect your property from floods. Use weather stripping, pipe inspections, or move into an area that’s not flood-prone. If you’re dealing with flood issues, contact us at ServiceMaster for our local emergency flood services today.

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4 Common Causes of Water Damage in Homes

Your home is your sanctuary and a big investment, so the last thing you need is water damage. Understanding the common causes of water damage in homes is the first step in preventing it from occurring or having a devastating effect. According to Ruby Home Real Estate, about 14,000 people are affected by water damage daily. Read on to see how you can avoid being one of those people that needs a water removal service.

1. Faulty Appliances

It may surprise you, but your appliances can have a role in ruining your nice floors. A faulty hose in a fridge, washing machine, or dishwater can flood your floors and require action from a water removal service. An outdated water heater can leak as sediment builds up inside or it reaches its life cycle. Don’t sleep on regular inspections, and have a contractor make energy-efficient appliance updates to reduce the chances of leakage. You may even get a tax rebate for such appliance updates from the local or federal government at tax time.

2. Plumbing Fixtures

As water constantly moves throughout your pipes and drains, age, clogs, and other mishaps can result in leaks. Toilets can overflow due to a sewer backup or someone may accidentally forget they are running water in the plugged-up tub or sink. A small crack may turn into a busted pipe, often resulting in major leaks. That’s why you should make sure your pipes have the necessary padding, and inspections to make sure everything is in compliance.

3. Storms

Heavy storms mean wet weather and winds that may damage roofs and windows. This creates an ideal situation for water to find its way into your home through several entry points such as the basement, attic, windows, and more. Take preventative measures by checking for cracks or gaps, especially near entry points like windows and doors.

4. Roof Damage

A leaky roof is more common than many homeowners would like. The type of roofing material, the age of the roof, and the last time you had an inspection all affect how easily water can come in. You may not notice damage from looking at your roof from the outside of your home, but dark and wet stains may appear on the ceiling and upper wall area.

Water damage can ruin your home’s foundation and the valuable possessions you have inside. From weather and bad appliances to human error, water damage can strike anytime. Contact our local water removal service at ServiceMaster if you need help with this issue.

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