4 Top Causes of Residential Fires

Residential fires can wreak havoc on your life. Flames can engulf your precious keepsake items, and you can be left without a place to call home. It’s important to learn how to prevent fires before they start. According to The Zebra, electrical malfunction, heating equipment, and cooking are the top three causes of residential fires. Let’s review such causes and explore what you can do to prevent an outbreak.

1. Cooking Accidents

Cooking is a common cause, as grease fires can start in the blink of an eye. To prevent flames, clean up spills as soon as possible. Avoid cooking on a dirty stove, and always keep fire safety equipment in your kitchen, including a fire extinguisher that can extinguish all types of fires. Always stay in the kitchen while cooking so you’re aware as soon as flames erupt.

2. HVAC System Malfunctions

Furnace malfunctions can also cause a residential fire. Modern furnaces often have several safety features to help prevent fires, but accidents can happen. Ensure you head to the basement to check on your furnace frequently. Hire HVAC professionals for regular inspections so they can make necessary repairs as soon as possible.

3. Electrical Issues

Malfunctioning electrical systems can cause explosive fires. The breaker box may need to be updated, which can cause it to blow a fuse. Tiny sparks from the system or an electrical outlet can also start a fire. Such incidents can happen when you aren’t home, resulting in extreme fire damage. Work with an electrician to ensure your systems are up-to-date and safe.

4. Electric Heater Malfunctions

Electric heaters remain a common cause of fires, especially during the cold winter months. Heaters that are plugged in for too long can overheat and cause a fire. The plug can melt into the wall socket because it gets so hot. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions and only run heaters as needed. Invest in electrical heaters with safety features, such as ones that automatically shut off if they fall over or get too hot.

Preventing fires is the first step in protecting your home and family. However, accidents happen, and that’s where we come in. Our professional crew at ServiceMaster can expertly clean up fire damage for residential restoration. Contact us for more information today!

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3 Common Myths About Protecting Your Home From a Fire

fire damage repair

When it comes to protecting your home, it’s critical to be fully informed about the risks and dangers of fires. One of the biggest dangers concerning home fire safety is the myths that people readily believe on this topic. Let’s debunk three dangerous myths about home fire safety.

1. Smoke Alarms Give You Plenty of Time

Although smoke alarms are definitely an essential part of fire prevention and they do give you an early warning, you should never assume you have a guaranteed amount of time to escape a fire. For families that don’t have an established evacuation route, time can quickly slip away in this kind of emergency situation. Fires spread very quickly and have unpredictable behavior, so there is really no way to determine how much time you have. For this reason, you must always assume you have very little time and must evacuate yourself and your family immediately.

You also need to make sure you have enough smoke detectors, because according to The Zebra, 47% of people believe they only need one smoke detector for their whole house. This is simply not the case, so remember to prioritize having the right set of equipment and alarms installed throughout the house.

2. Small Fires Are Easy to Contain

If you see a small fire break out in your home, do not assume that safely extinguishing it is easy or can be done without the right information. Fires grow and spread rapidly, no matter their size. Calling 911 immediately is still a number-one response, even in the event of a small fire. Extinguishing efforts may be more feasible, but the assistance of professional emergency workers remains essential. Remember, even small fires can cause a need for fire damage repair.

3. New Homes Aren’t at Risk of a Fire

It is dangerous to assume any house isn’t at risk because of how recently they were built. Although there are many improvements that can cut down some risks, you should always be vigilant to keep your home safe with smoke detectors, fire alarms, and a fire evacuation plan that is updated and understood by everyone in the home.

Use the truth to keep your family better protected from fire. If your home has experienced a fire, please contact ServiceMaster for fire damage repair. We’re here to provide the commercial and residential services you need.

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