4 Reasons You May Need Residential Carpet Cleaning

Does your home have a carpet? If so, you understand how much upkeep the carpet requires to keep it looking and smelling good. Unfortunately, your carpet can have many issues and be susceptible to damage. However, enlisting a water removal service that offers professional carpet cleaning can help your residential carpet look new again. Here are four reasons you may need such a service.

1. Pets

There’s nothing like having a cute furry pet that’s a part of the family. While you love your dog or cat, you may not love the hair and smells they leave all over your carpet. They not only leave behind their hair, but sometimes may even have accidents on the floor. Between a buildup of dirt your puppy may track in from outside, fleas, hair, and bathroom concerns, your carpet may no longer look or smell that good.

2. Water Damage

Has your home had issues with humidity? Has there ever been a flood or any other event that may have caused moisture to seep into your carpet? If so, a water removal service can help dry out your carpet and other areas of the home affected by such an event. The last thing you want is to have water linger in any part of your home, especially on a carpet that can track not only dirt and mildew but mold, which can be a detriment to your family’s health.

3. Stain Removal

Regardless of how careful you are, stains will likely build up on your carpet over time. If you’ve ever spilled a cup of coffee or wine, or have messy pets or children, spot cleaning may not have been able to remove the resulting spot. Stains can look very unsightly and embarrassing, but a professional cleaning service can help remove them.

4. Color Restoration

Do you remember when you first installed your carpet or how it may have looked when you bought your home? Unfortunately, the color may have faded over time, especially if it’s near a window where UV rays can easily shine through. Plus, a buildup of dirt can easily cover the natural color of your carpet. According to our team, homeowners should have their carpet cleaned once every six to 12 months to prevent discoloration and improve its lifespan.

When it’s time to clean your carpet, a vacuum isn’t enough. After built-up stains, dander, moisture, hair, and mold, you should call the professionals for assistance. If you need a local team to help keep your carpet clean, call us at ServiceMaster for our water removal services and professional carpet cleaning.

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How Is Water Damage Mold Clean Up Done?

water damage mold clean up

After a serious flood (no matter the type), it’s important to get high-quality water damage mold clean up to ensure that your home is strong and secure. After all, this problem is one that affects many people every year. According to Ruby Home Real Estate, about 14,000 people in the United States experience water damage every day. Here’s the step-by-step process of mold remediation.

1. Complete Mold Inspection

When you experience a serious flood, our team will sit down with you and go over your home to ensure that we catch every mold-affected area. These include problems with pooled water and anywhere it might have sat for too long. This includes very specialized inspection tools that work to catch every potential threat of mold that might exist in your home.

2. Mold Surface Removal

After going through a complete mold inspection, a careful surface cleanup can help remove any surface growths and ensure that mold is properly managed. This process is done comprehensively by skilled experts who understand the various ways that this cleanup can be done. Even better, they can do deeper inspections for more problematic mold issues.

3. Carefully Cut Away Deeper Growths

If we spot deeper growths in your home, then we can provide more comprehensive mold remediation that digs deep into your house’s many appliances and furniture items to ensure they get the attention they need. Letting mold grow too rapidly and unchecked throughout your home is more likely to cause long-term problems and trigger serious mold-related issues.

4. Replace Damaged Items

Once we’ve carefully removed deeper mold growths from your home’s items, we can also identify any structural damage that might have occurred. For instance, there are many areas throughout the home’s foundation and other areas that might need to be completely replaced after a flood. This process is one that will ensure that your house is safe for years to come.

The best water damage mold clean up can keep your house strong and secure and minimize long-term problems with its structural integrity. Just as importantly, it can minimize stylistic issues and keep your home modern and attractive. Contact us today if you’re interested in this process and our team will do what they can to ensure that you’re happy. It’s our goal to make sure that every flooded area in our region is free of mold and other related issues.

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