Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

To prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your home, you need to prevent the buildup of moisture in the air—crawl spaces do just that!

Crawl spaces are used to reduce moisture from the air inside of the house and direct it to the outside. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration technicians know all about energy conservation, engineering, construction and how to bring down moisture levels in the air. We’re experts at installing, repairing and maintaining crawl space encapsulations that make your building safer for all!
Say goodbye to damp, thick air and the musty smell that comes with it! We’ll make sure the air in your building is dry and free of harmful toxins. We’ll also make the place more energy efficient so you don’t have to worry about huge bills.

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Here’s how the crawl space encapsulation process involves:

Encapsulation Process

  • Full inspection of the buildings structure
  • Identifying the source of damage
  • Fixing any areas that experienced water and/or fire damage
  • Removal of valuables and equipment
  • Perform restoration and deodorize surfaces to remove pungent odors or microbial growth
  • Restore all items that were moved earlier

Moisture Protection

We’ve devised various techniques to help control moisture levels in the building:

  • Installation of effective crawl spaces that reduce moisture from the air, prevent the growth of microbial and keep pests away.
  • We install vapor barriers to the soil to prevent the condensation and evaporation of groundwater that can cause rotting of wood, growth of mold and other structural damages.
  • Crawl space vents open and close depending on the temperature and level of moisture in the hair. As a result, the air inside the building is of greater quality; it’s dry and free of bacteria.
  • Crawl space encapsulations also prevent air leaks and can reduce your energy bills by 20%.
  • Moisture in the air leads to wood rot. When moisture levels in the air are too high, the hardwood floors may buckle. Crawl space encapsulations can stop you from spending on unnecessarily repairs and protect your property.
  • By separating the inside air from the air on the outside and the ground, crawl space encapsulation reduces humidity levels. They prevent damp air from getting into the living space so your rooms don’t feel hot and sticky

Why Choose Us

Better Indoor Air Quality

Since up to 50% of household air can flow up from your crawl space, it’s important to keep this typically unsightly space as clean and dry as possible. Since water vapor enters the crawl space from the ground (even through cement), crawl space encapsulation is widely accepted as the best way to keep the moisture out and improve indoor air quality.

Property Protection

As moisture rots wood and causes hardwood floors to buckle, crawl space encapsulation can reduce the chances of costly floor repairs while also creating an inhospitable area for pests and wood-destroying insects.

Energy Savings

Crawl space encapsulation prevents air leaks and protects the crawl space from moisture issues. Insulating your crawl space can reduce energy bills by up to 20%, according to Advanced Energy’s research.


Isolating the crawl space from the ground and outside air helps prevent high humidity levels and moisture from seeping into the living space and causing people to feel either hot or sticky or cold and clammy.

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