Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Whether it’s a kitchen in a corporate lunchroom, the house or a restaurant, it’s bound to get messy! The problem with a messy kitchen is that is attracts pests that can easily contaminate the meals that are being prepared there.

We provide expert kitchen cleaning services that removes grease, prevents the growth of bacteria, eliminates odors and keeps the pests away! With our meticulous cleaning techniques, you can rest assured that your kitchen is always safe!

service master colorado commercial kitchen cleaning

Our daily commercial kitchen cleaning services can involve as much or as little as you request:


  • Cleaning and sanitizing steam tables
  • Cleaning fryers
  • Cleaning grills
  • Cleaning meat/cheese slicers
  • Washing and sanitizing surfaces
  • Washing floor mats
  • Cleaning of coolers
  • Thorough cleaning of ovens
  • Emptying and cleaning of coffee machines and all their small components
  • Cleaning off deep fryers
  • Waxing floors

Monthly and Yearly Cleaning

ServiceMaster Cleaning  & Restoration by SteamExpress also offers its premium commercial kitchen cleaning services for either monthly or yearly duties. These duties are often time consuming, messy, and best left to professional cleaners rather than to your kitchen staff. We come in and do the tough work, but we use green chemicals that are gentle on your costly equipment and on our environment. We’ll work with you to form a schedule for how often commercial kitchen cleanings services are required, depending on your specific needs.

service master colorado commercial kitchen cleaning

Monthly/yearly services include:

  • Cleaning of walk in coolers or freezers
  • Cleaning and sanitation of ice machines
  • Deep cleaning of stoves and ovens
  • Clean up of dry storage areas
  • Cleaning of range hoods and ventilation systems
  • Cleaning of pilot lights
    • Washing walls and ceilings

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