5 New Year Resolutions For Your Home

5 New Year Resolutions For Your Home











5 New Year Resolutions For Your Home



With the final countdown till the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, 2019 will come to an end. But this is only an end that’ll pave the way for new beginnings!

It’s worth commemorating the end of a decade. We’re entering a year with twinning doubles: TWENTY-TWENTY. But it’s not only the digits that are doubling.

It’s also your efforts in your academic pursuits. It’s your devotion to your families, and most of all, it’s your drive to make your home a better home. After all, it’s these New Year resolutions that make the date worth celebrating.

If you are in the mood to celebrate new changes and make your life better, don’t forget the walls that have cocooned you all these years. A home is like a mother’s lap: you may grow big but never grow out of the need for mama’s hug.

Reciprocate the love and learn to care for your home too! Here are some resolutions for your home.

Use energy more efficiently

If you’ve spent the past 12 months worrying about pending bills and piling debts, vow to spend wisely in the coming year. Swear in front of the Old Gods and the New that you won’t waste energy and use your funds wisely.

Debts and bad credit scores look bad on financial reports. But what‘s worse is despising your time at home because it’s a constant reminder of utilities that need to be paid for.

How many times have you stayed out late at night to drink just because you didn’t want to come home to fat bills in the mail? Truth be told, quite often.

Home is supposed to be a source of comfort, not distress. And this is what we’re here to advise you about.

Use energy wisely. Change your house for the better so that you can control your expenses. Begin with encapsulating your crawlspaces because it’s there that your heat is leaking into.

The crawl space vents open and shut according to temperature fluctuations. Encapsulations help prevent leaks and maintain safety standards in your indoor environment. You’ll be surprised to see a 20% improvement in your bills.

Cook Clean, Eat Green

While eating healthy is a trend that’s gaining traction in current times, it’s important to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen as well.

5 New Year Resolutions For Your Home

You may want to invest in the most organic food products, low-fat milk, extra virgin olive oil and the rarest greens. But without a clean cooking space, your efforts will go in vain. Your kitchens is home to various bacteria.

Because of all the food crumbs lying around and coffee stains left to dry on counters, you’re offering a feast for mites and critters. Imagine one of those crawling insects in the sandwich you just left there just to go check the door?

The horror is unimaginable . . . But avoidable.

Put professionals on the job. They’re skilled in noticing the most ignored corners of the kitchen and target dirt and grime that you probably won’t even see. It’s not just important to clean your oven and wipe your stove.

The ventilation windows in your kitchen that open into the garden should also be dusted and disinfected. You never know how dirty the air coming in from there is. You need to check for water leaks around the sink because plumbing problems can cause health concerns as well.

Install Manageable Materials

It looks really cool to have a gleaming granite countertop. But would you risk installing it if it risks getting lung cancer? Did this piece of information just throw you off?

5 New Year Resolutions For Your Home

It was meant to because it is that serious.

These pricey kitchen and bathroom adornments are not only a strain on your bank account but also on your health. This has been confirmed by experts who reported the release of radiation like radon from it.

Radon is second to smoking in causing lung cancer and some granite countertops are responsible for emitting dangerous levels of it.

Look around your house for other signs of danger. If you like to keep your abode dimly lit, that’s your personal choice. But don’t invest in blinds so beautiful that they blind you to the harms of avoiding sunlight.

As a matter of fact, sun rays carry germ-killing powers that can reduce viable bacteria in the house to half their strength. This makes your home space less disease-prone and more of a comfort zone.

But, of course, in order to let sunlight flood in through those glass windows, you need to clean them first. Because god knows how long those windows have hidden behind your blinds and neglected from regular cleaning. Let us come and do the cleaning so that you can have a healthy and happy home once again!

Don’t let the New Year become just another year rotting in the pile of old calendars. Adopt a change for the better and begin at home.

We offer a variety of residential cleaning services such as mold mitigation and water damage treatment. Based in Steamboat, Colorado, we can help set new cleanliness standards at your place!