4 Benefits Of An Encapsulated Crawl Space

4 Benefits Of An Encapsulated Crawl Space

In order to enhance the air quality of indoors, many are beginning to encapsulate their crawl spaces by installing vapor barriers and dehumidifiers. The moisture enters the crawl spaces mostly through the ground. Water leakages in the underground plumbing system, rainwater, flooding and condensation are the most common culprits for a damp crawl space.
If you’re still hesitating to invest in an encapsulated crawl space, these four benefits may compel you to change your mind.
Improves Indoor Air Quality
Encapsulated crawl spaces allow for the circulation of clean and healthy air inside your home. Vented crawl spaces are home to moisture. Eliminating moisture from crawl space keeps the damp air from circulating throughout your space.
Mitigates the Risk of Insect Infestation
Insects such as rodents and termites are every property owner’s nightmare. These pests require moisture to grow, survive, and reproduce. Encapsulated crawl spaces minimize the chances of creating favorable conditions for these pests to survive and grow into a bigger infestation.

Keeps Your Home Free of Mold and Mildew
Mold infestation is a common problem in buildings with unsealed crawl spaces. Encapsulation can keep the water from rain, and damaged underground pipes from seeping into the crawl spaces that may lead to mold infestation in your home.
Sealed crawl spaces also keep your home free of bad odors that may come from the air conditioning and heating units.
Encapsulation Strengthens Your Home’s Foundation
Gutters around the home protect its foundation from any damage. Dampness in the crawl space can allow the moisture to seep through the dirt surrounding your home and block the gutters. The accumulation of moisture around your home can significantly weaken the foundations from within, and may lead to higher costs in the longer run. This is why it’s vital to keep your crawl spaces dry for long-term structural stability.
Make Your Building Safer; Get Your Crawl Space Encapsulated!
4 Benefits Of An Encapsulated Crawl Space
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