Steps to Take to Avoid Fire Damage

Steps to Take to Avoid Fire Damage

Fire damage can have adverse impacts on your home. Not only can the damage be extremely costly to repair, it can be emotionally devastating. Your precious furnishings, home appliances, and other sentimental valuables are all under threat in the event of a fire.

In such circumstances, it remains essential for you to take sufficient preventative measures to avoid the repercussions brought about by fire damage. It was found that the average cost incurred by homeowners when it came to cleaning up fire and smoke damages was around $3, 3198 to $27,863.

Below are some steps to take to avoid fire damage:

Install smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are crucial when it comes to your safety during a fire. They allow you to escape and call for professional help in time. They also help you save money that would otherwise be spent on repairing fire damages. They can act as a fine line between life and death, and are a defensive measure you cannot ignore.

In the United States, it was found that around 2000 lives are lost due to residential fires every year. Moreover, about two-thirds of these deaths tend to occur in homes with no smoke alarms.

Therefore, make sure you install smoke alarms at every level of your house and inside all the bedrooms.

Steps to Take to Avoid Fire Damage

Fire extinguishers

In order to be ahead of your fire damage prevention game, it’s important for you to have fire extinguishers on hand. There are many modern lightweight varieties available and easier to use.

Fire extinguishers typically differ by the type of fire you incur and are marked as type A, B, and C respectively. Type A is ideal against combustibles like paper and trash, type B is for flammable substances such as gasoline, whereas type C is best for extinguishing fires in electrical appliances.

Steps to Take to Avoid Fire Damage

Personal measures

There are various preventative steps you can take on a personal level to avoid fire damage. Smokers should avoid smoking in bed, as it was found that smoking materials were behind 24 percent of home fire deaths. Moreover, you must also switch off all portable space heaters when you’re not present in the room.

Other measures include storing away machines and lighters away from young children, as children under the age of five are around eight times more likely to lose their lives due to contact with a heat source.

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