How To Check For Mold Infestations Before Buying A Home

How To Check For Mold Infestations Before Buying A Home

If you are someone who’s looking to buy a house, you need to be wary of mold that might be infesting a property’s walls and ceilings.

These sneaky spores aren’t always easy to detect; sometimes, even the original homeowner is unaware of them. However, there will be some homeowners and retail agents who will knowingly try to sell you a house with a mold infestation.

Mold infestations can cause health concerns, in addition to damaging the structure, foundation, and appeal of your home. If you’ve bought or rented the house already and found out that there’s mold inside, you can ask the original homeowner to get the mold infestation dealt with—either through extensive repairs or a complete overhaul of the space.

Why Is It Important To Look For a Mold Infestation Before Buying A Home?

Mold is a fungus that rapidly grows and multiplies if left untreated. It can be in any shape and color (black, green, gray or white). Only some molds are smelly and visible. Others grow under floors, ceilings, between walls, and in less accessible spaces, including attic and basements.

They grow best in areas that are soaked with water, but thrive equally in damp locations as well. You need to be extra vigilant if you are looking for a home in an area that is dry, hot, and humid.

Where Should I Look For Mold Infestation While Buying a New Home?

As stated above, mold grows in damp and inaccessible locations. The following are some places you can check for mold infestations while buying a new home:How To Check For Mold Infestations Before Buying A Home

  • Look around leaking pipes, roofs and windows. The constant supply of water in these areas provides a sufficient atmosphere for the mold to grow.
  • Look in basements and other places that you know can flood. If trapped spaces have had a history of being flooded, there is a higher risk of finding a mold infestation in these places.
  • Look in structures that are tightly sealed. These can attract and trap excess moisture inside.
  • Be vigilant in homes that have insufficient ventilation, over-water houseplants and dampness in walls.

It is important for new homeowners or tenants to get the space checked for mold infestation by a professional. While in some cases you can easily see mold spores, but a professional can inspect your entire house for mold infestation which may or may not be visible.

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