How To Assess Water Damage Like a Pro

How To Assess Water Damage Like a Pro

If left unresolved for an extended period of time, water damage can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. You might assume that spotting signs of water damage in its early stages is easy and you’ll ace it when the time comes, but the reality is that most homeowners often miss the early signs.

The damage only becomes irreparable if you delay restoration. When left for a long period of time, water damage can spread and may also lead to mold growth—which can grow on any surface it interacts with.

Hence, instead of waiting for the water damage to become a catastrophe, homeowners need to be proactive and spot the early signs. Here are some of them:

Change In Walls, Floors Or Ceilings

Most homeowners don’t pay close attention to the structure of their homes. The structure of your home is the first thing that water damage will attack. Your walls, ceilings and floors are among the first few places that will start to show signs of damage—don’t take your home’s structure for granted.

The early signs of water damage to your structure include bubbling or peeling wallpaper and paint. If not fixed immediately, these bubbles can become bloated and swollen. In the most severe cases of water damage, the ceilings and walls might be spongy to touch.

Mold And Visible Spots

Visible patches and mold throughout the walls are also a sign of water damage. Stains become visible when there is a leak inside the wall. While mold, on the other hand, appears when an area is constantly damp.

Most of these water stains are yellow or brown in color and usually spread in an irregular shape around the source of the leak. These stains can be found in bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements—areas that see a lot of water usage and have pipes.

How To Assess Water Damage Like a Pro

Musty Smell

Musty odors are another common sign of water damage. The smell is very similar to that of wet cardboard or newspaper. It’s usually felt around areas where there is frequent water damage.

The affected area might also feel humid or damp, depending on the season. If you can smell something musty, you need to inspect the area for other signs of water damage like peeling paint, mold or water stains.

Assessing signs of water damage in its early stages is important. The more you let it sit, the more time it has to become a disaster. If you can’t assess water damage by yourself, you can get in touch with us at Service Master. We provide water damage restoration in Steamboat Springs. We also provide other services including fire and smoke restoration and mold mitigation services. Visit our website to learn more!