4 Ways Water Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation

Water damage restoration services working in a house in Steamboat.

Your foundation consists of thick slabs of port cement into the ground with heavy mortar blocks. When there’s a water leakage that seeps into the foundation, it can adversely affect your home in various ways. This is a form of a hidden leakage that may be left unchecked for a long period of time and results in costly repairs.

Here are a few ways water can damage your home’s foundation.

Cracking Of The Foundation

The drainage system plays an essential role, and people don’t give it a second thought. However, when the drainage system of your house is dysfunctional, it can cause many problems.

During the fall season, tree leaves and debris collect on the roof and clogs the gutters. This creates a blockage and disrupts water flow which overflows directly onto the ground near the foundation. The soil loosens up, resulting in more absorption and waterlogged, which puts a lot of pressure on your foundation and basement walls.

This is known as hydrostatic pressure that can cause the basement walls and foundation to crack and bow down.

Soil Expansion

If you have clay around your house, it can cause various problems.

It gets wet and becomes quite heavy, it exerts an excessive amount of pressure as the soil tends to expand. This also results in severe cracking of your foundation. When it dries out and shrinks, it can form unappealing cracks on your ground.

The contraction also removes the support of the soil to the foundation, which leads to even more cracks.

Water Leakages

When a pipe is clogged or gets corroded due to old age and wear and tear, it tends to leak. As the leakage isn’t visible, the water seeps into the walls and foundation.

The continuous dampness and moisture can weaken the structure of your foundation as the cement bonds start to loosen. This is a very concerning matter for the homeowners and residents.

Termite Outbreak

As termites survive and breed in a cool and damp environment, moisture in the foundation creates a perfect place for them. Wood structures attached to the foundation will rot away, and the termite infestation will grow tremendously.

The moisture can also attract other microorganisms, resulting in massive rotting and mold formation, which can reach up to your basement and beyond.

Water damage restoration services repairing a foundation in Steamboat.

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