4 Reasons Time Is of The Essence After Water Damage

4 Reasons Time Is of The Essence After Water Damage

No matter how small the water damage is, if you don’t act swiftly, the situation can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.

Without proper water damage restoration, your property can face severe complications and lead to expensive repair costs in the long run. Working with efficient and reliable water damage restoration services such as Service Master Colorado is the best way to deal with flood damage.

If you experience such a situation in Steamboat, make sure to reach out to us promptly to curb the destruction caused by the calamity. Here’s why the time of the essence after water damage:

Mold damage

Water can seep under the carpets, ruin your furniture, and damage your walls. The dampness caused by flooding can lead to mold growth, which may not only ruin your property but is also hazardous for your health.

Water restoration services include immediately removing everything in the affected area and thoroughly cleaning the surface up. Low evaporation materials such as wood, plaster, and masonry are dried using state of the art equipment.

Bad odor

The mold that grows in the damp and dark spaces of your water damaged property can lead to bad odors. Everything from carpets, walls, and furniture can begin to smell musty.

Covering the lousy smell with room fresheners can’t work in this scenario as the water hit items have absorbed the odor deep into their skin. Only professional water damage restoration services can help you identify the cause and treatment of the suffocating smell.

Unsanitary conditions

Flooding caused by sewer line breaks can lead to the spread of harmful germs and bacteria on your property. This can affect the health of the people living in the building and can lead to inconvenience, disease, and costly treatments.

Even if the flooding isn’t caused by plumbing issues and a natural calamity such as heavy rain, thunderstorm or a hurricane is to blame, the parasites and viruses present in these could also make you sick. Hence, a quick, professional cleanup after that is essential in maintaining a hygienic environment.

Electrical and structural damage

4 Reasons Time Is of The Essence After Water Damage

When water seeps into the electrical sockets and connections at your home, it can cause short circuits and put your family at risk of electrocution. Moreover, a home that hasn’t been repaired and cleaned promptly after water damage can suffer many structural damages that may be irreparable.

This can also lower your home value and lead to a significant loss. After getting your property repaired by us, save all the paperwork to show prospective buyers that it has been effectively treated for any damages. This will help you retain its market value.

At Service Master Colorado, we offer mold removal, fire damage, and water damage restoration services across Steamboat. For more information, visit our website.